By Joshua Lyon
May 14, 2015 @ 10:00 am

Who wouldn't recognize those eyes? Reese Witherspoon offered a stellar #ThrowbackThursday when she stopped by Conan earlier this week and shared a photo from her days as a young model.

"I had some serious modeling looks,” Witherspoon said. “I think that was the 1991 acid wash campaign for the local department store.”

"It looks like you can see through luggage at the airport,” host Conan O'Brien marveled. “That’s the intensity of your stare.”

It was a lucrative gig for the future star, who made $75 a day and did two shoots a year. "I was rich," she said. "I could go down to the Quickie Mart and buy as many Slurpees as I wanted to, and treat my friends! I knew I had arrived. I knew big things were gonna happen.”

They sure did, and they still are: The Oscar winner's new e-commerce lifestyle line, Draper James, which offers everything from cocktail napkins to jewelry, has already sold out of several dresses, according to WWD. Click the video above to watch the Hot Pursuit actress reminisce about her oh-so-glamorous childhood career.