When you have a major, on-air Skype call with the BBC from your home office, you should probably make a note to lock the door. East Asian affairs expert and professor of political science at Pusan National University in South Korea, Robert Kelly, learned this lesson the hard way, and millions of viewers witnessed the mishap thanks to the powers of the Internet.

In case you missed it, Kelly’s BBC call went viral after both of his young children found their way into his home office, disrupting the call until his wife Kim Jung-A gathered them up and ushered them out of the room.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Mrs. Kim and the two kids were watching Kelly from their living room when 4-year-old Marion got excited seeing her dad on-screen, recognized the location and ran to his office to find him. His 8-month-old son James followed his sister to the office, and YouTube history was made.

Kelly blamed the hilarious situation on his forgetting to lock the office door like he normally does for on-air Skype calls. “I mean, it was terribly cute,” he added. “I saw the video like everybody else. My wife did a great job cleaning up a really unanticipated situation as best she possibly could … it was funny. If you watch the tape I was sort of struggling to keep my own laughs down,” he told WSJ. “They’re little kids and that’s how things are.” A great attitude about a less-than-ideal situation.

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“Yes I was mortified, but I also want my kids to feel comfortable coming to me,” he added. “I made this minor mistake that turned my family into YouTube stars. It’s pretty ridiculous."