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The first day of summer is less than a month away, but Baywatch star Priyanka Chopra wants you to know there’s no need to fear swimsuit season.

“You can’t open a magazine and be like, ‘I want to look like that,’ That can’t happen,’” the 34-year-old Indian actress told us at a New York screening of the film, hosted by Cinema Society, Hugo Boss, and Svedka, Monday night.

At the event, she wore a shimmery silver sequin Roberto Cavalli party dress with an olive green blazer and told us, confidently, that she too worries about looking good under the sun. “It happens to me every winter. I have Diwali, too, which is our Indian holiday, and you eat a lot and I start freaking out when summer comes. I’m like, what do I have to do?” she told us. “So you start looking out for yourself if that’s the standard of what you want your beauty to be.”

Her tips? “You work out, you eat healthy, you go about it the right way, and that’s when you feel your best and you can be bikini-ready or swimwear-ready by summer. Just take a couple of months and do it. It requires a little bit of discipline,” she added.

But don’t think the actress is fixated on keeping it strict and disciplined in all aspects of life. For Chopra, her fun is found in nights out singing Britney Spears karaoke. Watch below:

Or better yet, staying in on a weekend. “I don’t always have that kind of fun,” she added, referring to her night out with Baywatch co-star Kelly Rohrbach (above). “I’ll probably be in my track pants, on my couch, with my BFFs, a glass of wine, and watching a movie with in-room dining or takeout. That’s my favorite thing to do on the planet. I usually like Asian food the most. I love Indian food, but Southeast and Japanese is my favorite.”

As for how she learned to be such a strong woman, the actress credits her family. “I’m very opinionated. I was raised that way. My parents always told me that if you feel something you have to be fearless about it in a world where women are told to watch their words,” she said. “It was really great to be raised like that and I’ve always, in fact, used my platform to bring light to whatever I think.”