If you think gummy bears are sweet, just imagine gooey candies shaped like Prince Harry. During his two-day tour of Leeds, England, the redheaded royal stopped by a Haribo factory in the nearby town of Castleford.

While visiting the candy-making HQ, the prince took a tour of its facilities and saw the machines that make thousands of fruity treats every day. (Thank goodness for those, are we right?) To make his rounds, the royal put on the same white smock that all the factory workers wear. But, Harry's costume had one important piece of flair.

Instead of wearing the blue hair net that's part of the employee uniform, the prince covered his hair with a Fedora-shaped net.

Prince Harry Hair Net Embed
Credit: WPA Pool/ Getty

We'd stop for a lot longer to reflect on the whole hair-net-fedora thing, but what happened next is equally groundbreaking. Before Prince Harry left, the factory workers presented him with a box of custom gummies that are shaped in his likeness. Awkward? Hilarious? Delicious? Yes to all of the above.

The prince reacted to the sweet gift with his trademark candor. "You guys have got far too much time on your hands," he reportedly joked about the "Harry's Mix." Though the factory made a few extra boxes for Harry to share with his peeps—we bet little George will love these!—the mix is sadly not on the market.

However, if Harry and Meghan do end up tying the not, those treats would either make the weirdest or the best wedding favor ever. It's something to consider, no?