By Jennifer Davis
Apr 21, 2016 @ 2:15 pm

Prince George is following in his grandfather Prince Charles's footsteps—literally. In a clip from the BBC special Elizabeth at 90 - A Family Tribute, Prince William and Prince Harry watch a home video of their father toddling around Windsor Garden alongside Queen Elizabeth, and upon watching the footage the brothers make an interesting discovery.

"He walks like George!" Harry says as he watches his dad run through the garden.

"He does," William agrees.

"Or George walks like him," Harry continues.

"There's a purpose to the walk," William says. "We've probably chased each other around that garden a few times as well."

"Yeah, not for a while though," Harry replies. "In the early days when Gan-Gan was around."

Besides Prince George and Prince Charles's adorable toddler walk, the younger royal definitely takes after his elders when it comes to looks, too. In the newly released portrait he took with Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth, and Prince William, Prince George looked just like his family members, knee socks not included.