By Joshua Lyon
Jul 16, 2015 @ 9:15 am

Everyone knows Hollywood is a pretty small town, but sometimes stars’ connections go deeper than just shooting a movie together at some point. Case in point: Ant-Man star Paul Rudd has known Jon Hamm since the Mad Men actor was in high school!

The duo met through Rudd’s college roommate, who was from St. Louis and already a friend of Hamm’s. Rudd would often travel to his roomie’s hometown because he was dating someone who lived there, but it turned out that Hamm had once dated the same girl. “I was not so crazy about Jon,” Rudd admitted during his Late Night appearance on Wednesday.

Host Seth Meyers asked the question on everyone’s mind: “Was he a super cool cat back then, too?”

“He was great at everything,” Rudd confirmed. “We played Trivial Pursuit one time, and we split off into teams and I was with Sarah, the girl … I remember I would roll and be, like, ‘Uh, Entertainment or Sports,’ and Jon, every time he’d roll, he’d go, ‘I want to go to History.’ It was [so] emasculating. Because he’d get a question, and he’d get it right every time … I felt so lame that I started reading atlases.”

Everything worked out fine a few years later though, when the two reconnected in Los Angeles and realized how much they had in common. Click the video above to hear about Hamm and Rudd’s friendship with funny guy—and former hoarder—Adam Scott!