Transparent actress Melora Hardin had a serious case of hot-for-teacher blues when she was a teen, and for good reason: Her dance instructor was none other than Patrick Swayze!

The late Ghost actor was her very first jazz teacher, Hardin told host James Corden in a web exclusive from an earlier taping of the Late Late Show. "He would drive up every day to my ballet studio—his mother was a ballet teacher [there]," she explained. He'd come in "on his Harley Davidson motorcycle, in his skin-tight jeans, and his leather jacket" and his unrestricted dance moves left quite an impression on the young Hardin, who was used to the more formal steps of ballet. She recalled getting mesmerized by his posterior, while thinking "What is happening? Oh my god!’”

The two had a reunion several years later at the 1989 Academy Awards, when Hardin performed in an “I Wanna Be an Oscar Winner” song and dance number alongside Blair Underwood, Chad Lowe, Corey Feldman, and Patrick Dempsey. “He remembered me!” Hardin said. Click the video above to watch her incredible impression of Swayze’s greatly missed swinging hips.