By Joshua Lyon
Aug 25, 2015 @ 8:00 am

In Patricia Clarkson’s new movie Learning to Drive, she plays a woman, well, learning how to drive. But she needed no tutelage when it came time to shed her clothes in front of Bradley Cooper for her role in The Elephant Man, which just wrapped up its London engagement in the West End after a run on Broadway.

"I had to be naked and cry simultaneously," she explained on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Monday. "I don't recommend it." After the host joked that he cries every time he takes his clothes off, Clarkson said, “It was actually an extraordinary experience.” But is there a difference between appearing naked on stage in New York versus London? According to Clarkson: “The Royal Box. And that’s not a metaphor. It’s very, very close to the stage. The people watching from the Royal Box see everything.”

Sadly, no royal eyes graced her, and she was pretty bummed about it. “We were hoping royals would come, because I wanted Kate and William to see me. Because for the rest of my life I could say I’ve been seen naked [by them]!”

The Royal Box didn’t sit empty though. When a prince or princess doesn’t occupy it, it’s available as seating for commoners like Tom Cruise. “He remarked to me at the end that he had very good seats,” Clarkson said. “And I thought, ‘Mission: Impossible 5, here I come!’” We think she meant Part 6, but who’s counting? Click the video above to watch the whole interview.