By Jenny Berg
Aug 04, 2017 @ 9:15 pm

If you have to operate heavy machinery tonight, look away. The video we're about to show you will put you into a deep, mystical trance, and you'll hardly be able to emerge from a glitter-drenched daze. In other words, Pat McGrath Labs has teased a new product.

On Friday, the superstar makeup artist posted a mesmerizing video by Esteban Diacono. With a two-word caption that spoke volumes: "COMING SOON," the teaser showcases a sinuous figure gliding around a white canvas, leaving puddles of golden and purple glimmer in her wake. It's like a fever dream about meeting Jackson Pollock in the powder room our dreams.

Pat's fans seemed to have the same reaction of wonderment, with one even writing: "Yassssss Liquid Jesus!" So, what's the product, and when is it launching? Guys, we're busy watching the purple-shimmer-disco queen. Can't help you there. (But we're guessing it's some kind of amazingly luminous highlighter which, when applied, will gave us a David-Bowie-style glow. That's got to be it—right?)

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In the meantime, just keep enjoying the world's most beautifully packaged matte lipstick, and keep your eyes peeled on the makeup goddess's IG feed.