Owen Wilson filmed a lot of scenes from Zoolander 2 in Rome, which presented a bit of a challenge for someone who’s supposed to be portraying Hansel, one of the world’s top male models. (He's so hot right now!)

“Italian food—it’s not exactly gluten-free,” the actor said on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Monday. “I did struggle with that early on ... But then I decided that maybe I could play this guy as kind of doughy, like a doughy supermodel. They don’t always have to be ripped. I think when you see the movie, I think you’ll like that choice. It’s more human, more inclusive.”

When Wilson wasn’t busy rocking dad bod on camera, he showed his two sons, Ford and Finn, around Italy. “They both came and visited,” he said. “Ford is four and a half, and Finn is about one and a half. Ford, he was able to enjoy Rome. I tried to think up little activities for him and I set him up with his mom to go see the Vatican. I said, ‘Ford, what was your favorite part of the Vatican?’”

His son’s very age-appropriate reply? “None of it!”

“They’ll choose Chuck E. Cheese over the Sistine Chapel any day,” Kimmel noted. Click the video above to watch Wilson’s adorable home movie of his son acing gladiator school.