You have to be a fairly trusting person to be a guest on The Late Late Show with James Corden, because you might get stuck playing his game “Nuzzle Whaaa?” The concept is simple enough—get blindfolded and rub your face all over something to guess what it is—but Corden likes pull weird surprises (like a giant snake).

Owen Wilson, Johnny Knoxville, and comedian Natasha Leggaro played Wednesday night, and per usual, the first object was easy enough to figure out.

“It’s candy floss!” Corden shouted, beating Wilson to the punch at identifying the cloud of cotton candy.

Knoxville and Leggaro squared off next, as Watts snuck a bagpipe player out from behind a curtain. The two caressed him with their faces but had no idea what he was holding. “A folded umbrella?” Leggaro wondered before guessing correctly once the man began to play his instrument.

For the final round Wilson and Knoxville had to be gently guided by their partners down toward the ground so they could find their target—a living, breathing sheep. Click the video above to see who figured out the farm animal first!