When InStyle beauty director Kahlana Barfield decided to cut her hair for summer into a wavy Lob (a long bob), she went straight to the source, "I wanted to come right to the man who I feel started this trend. Cesar (Ramirez) has really mastered this undone loose wave. We first saw it on Ciara."

We tagged along with Barfield to the Dop Dop Salon in New York City where Ramirez—the creator of Ciara's coveted loose curls—updated her look. He told us, "The bob used to be known as the old mom cut, or the old soccer mom, and people used to feel that it aged them, but now you see really hot young women…It’s something that me and Ciara actually discovered together." While Barfield's new crop looked amazing stick straight, she wanted the Ciara signature wave. The texture that embodies the laid-back ease of summer. The big reveal was that Ramirez actually used a flatiron (Harry Josh Ceramic Styling Iron, $200 at to create the sexy, undone look. He says, "Hair shouldn't look too curled or too done." See the video for all the details!