By Jennifer Davis
Mar 10, 2016 @ 1:00 pm

Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis's son Otis may only be a toddler, but the nearly 2-year-old has already found the love of life: Beyoncé Knowles. While visiting The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the actress confirmed his obsession with the "Formation" singer, and revealed how it all began.

"His love for Beyoncé has really hit a fever pitch, and I approve, of course, but it’s intense," she tells host Ellen DeGeneres. So intense in fact they're having a "Beyoncé listening party" for his second birthday party.

While a love for the singer is applauded at every age, the somewhat peculiar obsession can be traced back to a time when Wilde needed to keep her young son occupied while traveling. "I needed a distraction tool immediately, and all I had were Beyoncé’s videos from her last album and so I just put them on for him," she explains. "He was really taken and really zoned in on one in particular that’s the 'Yoncé,' which is arguably the most sexually explicit video ever made. From that point on he called her Beyoncé Boobies."

Recently, Otis even saw Beyoncé in person when his dad took him to a Los Angeles Clippers game. Unfortunately, she was too far away to hear him screaming her name, but we're hoping he's able to meet her as soon as possible.

Watch the video above to hear the full conversation.