National Jerky Day is a thing and Olivia Munn was fully on board to celebrate it on Monday in Los Angeles. Inside a makeshift gas station turned gastropub, the X-Men star, an investor in Chef’s Cut Real Jerky, happily took on the “Master Jerky Sommelier” title for the day.

But how did Munn develop such a love for the snack? She told us her mom used to make it for her and her siblings, “and we’d buy jerky at the grocery store.” Still, it was never a passion for her until she came across the tender jerky brand.

“It’s like the best version of what jerky was supposed to be,” she said. “It’s so delicious, and you look on the packaging and there’s so few carbs and sugar, and so much protein. That’s what was great about getting the opportunity to invest in it, because I want to invest in companies that I personally love and that I know are going to be healthy for people, and that are also going to be a success.”

Olivia Munn
Credit: Araya Diaz/Getty

It may sound funny, but Munn is 100-percent serious about her love for jerky. She takes it with her everywhere, including on her travels, and always has some in her trailer on sets. As for her favorite, she can’t get enough of the “Teriyaki turkey with a little brie and an apple.” “If I have, like, fresh thyme, I sprinkle it on top of there, but that little combination is so fresh and I absolutely love it. Then at night, it's usually the original with a glass of red wine,” she added.

If you’re not a big jerky fan, Munn is down to make you a believer. “When I’m on set, I feel like it’s a healthy snack,” she said. “It’s a guilt-free snack for me.”