Ah, what a little game of never have I ever can reveal. 


We fancy ourselves experts when it comes to Peyton List. She is our Editor-at-Large, after all. You name it, we've definitely asked her about it. We know how she deals with zits. We know what she does to groom her brows. We even know how she does her makeup in tight airplane bathrooms. The girl is of many talents.

But today, she stopped by the InStyle and MIMI offices to play a little game of "Never Have I Ever," and well, let's just say we learned some things that we never expected about our Editor-at-Large. Of course, MIMI's version of "Never Have I Ever" involves questions that only revolve around beauty (we're obsessed, duh), so needless to say, things got really fun really quickly. 

So are you curious to find out what secret beauty talent Peyton has that she had never before shared? Turns out, she can add colorist to her resume. Watch the video above to find out more about haircuts of the past, how Peyton deals with acne, and if she's ever gone to bed with her makeup on. Hey, we're guilty!