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While certain original members of Taylor Swift’s squad may have come and gone, everyone remains interested in who the pop star likes or potentially dislikes.

That’s why the folks over at NBC’s Great News took a hilarious opportunity to recreate Swift’s “Bad Blood” music video and essentially pit Nicole Richie against Tina Fey. So what do the results look like?

In a new teaser, Diana St. Tropez (Fey) finds a juicy headline that reads “SHOTS FIRED! Portia Scott Griffith DECLARES SQUAD FEUD WITH MMN BOARDROOM B—.” Seconds later, Portia (Richie) barges into to an office wearing a super similar black leather catsuit to the one Swift wore in her video.

And while Richie’s character hilariously sings about having beef with Fey’s, we're more impressed with the fact that she has mastered the art of walking and stomping around like Swift so well. She sings, “You better wash dish, bish, I’ve had enough of your ish, bish, I’m a famous and rich bish.”

Of course, there are squad members in this version too, and they include Andrea Martin, Brad Morris, John Michael Higgins, Chris Parnell, Horatio Sanz, and Tracey Wigfield.

Watch the teaser above—and catch the full version on Great News Thursday on NBC.