Last Year Was Complicated, according to Nick Jonas, who named his new album that after a tumultuous year of heartbreak and inner reflection. Don’t think the singer is still in a dark place though.

Friday morning, the former Jonas Brothers band member dropped the music video for the record's first single, "Close"—and the results are as emotional as expected. Starring “Habits (Stay High)” singer Tove Lo, the video finds the two crooners pacing back and forth in a dirty, dimly lit hangar that's reminiscent of Sia’s “Elastic Heart” video featuring Shia LaBeouf and Maddie Ziegler. As the scene opens, the 23-year-old hunk delivers his soothing notes as a chair pulls him further and closer to his kryptonite, Tove Lo. The brunette beauty experiences the same effect and they eventually break into an intertwining dance.

So what else can we expect from Jonas? Set to drop June 10, Last Year Was Complicated and its tracklist was announced via social media through a stream of late-night, super real tweets.

Jonas may have a lot on his mind, but we think new projects and an upcoming summer tour with Demi Lovato are sure to keep him busy. Watch the music video for "Close" above.