Art gallery walls are all the rage in home decorating right now, and while they may seem like an intimidating endeavor, putting one together is actually way easier than you might think.

For proof, we turned to advice columnist Katherine Schwarzenegger, who wanted to create her own art gallery wall. "I just moved into my apartment and I have this big wall space so I thought it would be cool to hang a gallery wall where we could incorporate a bunch of different pieces of artwork that I already own," she says in the video above. Not knowing where to start, she enlisted the help of her friend Sara Sugarman, founder of the online home decor boutique Lulu & Georgia, for advice. What resulted is not only a beautiful gallery wall, but also the above video tutorial that will take you less than five minutes to watch.

Below you'll find the supplies you need, plus the step-by-step how-to. Watch the video above for Katherine's own tips on the process, plus the advice she gleaned from Sugarman. And if you fall in love with some of the pieces now hanging on Kat's wall (which she created in collaboration with Lulu & Georgia), you can shop them here (and for a good cause).

You'll need:HammerPencilLevelPicture wireNailsPainter's tapeTape measureScissorsPaper

Instructions:1. Gather your pictures, and be sure to have 1-2 larger pieces of art to mix in with your smaller ones.2. Lay your pieces out on the floor and move them around until you find an arrangement that you like. Just make sure your pieces are an inch-and-a-half to 3 inches apart so that the art isn't too close together.3. Once you finalize your layout, trace each piece of artwork on the paper with a pencil. Cut out the traced pieces.4. Flip your artwork over to see where the nail is going to go and mark that on the cutout.5. Hang the pieces of paper on your wall in the layout you created using the painter's tape.6. Hammer nails into the mark you made on each piece of paper.7. Remove the paper, and hang your picture. Use a level to make sure the picture is straight.