By Meredith Lepore
Mar 09, 2016 @ 10:00 am

Although Neve Campbell doesn't look a day older than she did when Scream first hit theaters, this year in fact marks the horror flick's 20th anniversary. During Cambell's appearance on The Late Late Show Tuesday, host James Corden expressed his amazement. "It's actually depressing how you look the same as then," he said. "I've aged 20 years in a year of this show."

And over the years the actress, who stars in the fourth season of Netflix's House of Cards, has met and interacted with many of the franchise's longtime fans, often at horror conventions. "There's something beautiful about it because it's a lot of strange people and they've all found each other and so they really appreciate each other," she said. "But, no, it's great."

However, there's one thing that strikes her as a little odd when she meets families of die-hard horror fans that include young kids. For example, when a 3-year-old girl covered in fake blood and with a knife sticking out of her chest tells her that the R-rated Scream was the first movie she ever saw!

Watch Campbell talk about her Scream fan interactions in the video at top.