If you ever wondered what would happen if you crossed Christmas with any reality home competition show, we imagine one of the challenges would read something like this: Decorate a 15-foot tree in the lobby of the prominent Loews Regency Hotel for all of New York City and her guests to see—in just three hours. As if untangling last year's tree lights wasn't enough of a hassle.

Luckily, the lead designers on Nate Berkus’s design team, Sasha Adler and Lauren Buxbaum Gordon (both pictured below with Nate Berkus), tasked with this Mission Impossible assignment were able to rise to the occasion. For their take on holiday decorating, the designers opted for a look of festive, yet refined elegance. Using an array of pearlescent and glossy silver ornaments of varying sizes, they created a clever twinkling effect. To top it off, the duo upped the pageantry with a show-stopping white peacock, which added a special sense of grandeur in line with the hotel's iconic establishment.

Credit: Heather Talbert

Check out the time-lapse video above to watch it all come together and then read on for their tips.

Branch Out from Red and Green

The pair decided to complement the lobby's marbled interior and velvet furnishings with a sophisticated all-white color palette. However, they note that using two colors, like black and gold or white and silver, is equally chic. If you do choose a monotone color scheme, consider adding additional lights to create more depth and to kick the glam factor up a notch.

Think Outside the Box

Berkus's trailblazing team decided to forgo the traditional star or angel topper and instead positioned a majestic white peacock ($4,995; on the tree with its regal plumage cascading down one side and sprinkled ancillary snow white feathers along the branches. For a more modest take, consider incorporating whimsical woven ornaments, tassels, or origami pieces in with the lights and glistening baubles.

Bring the Outside in

Credit: Andrew Werner

Space permitting, Adler and Buxbaum Gordon suggest bringing in holiday greenery to underline the coziness of the season. They suggest styling classic forest flora like moss or birch under the tree, but note that the evergreen eucalyptus is an inspired pick because of its minty fresh aroma.