There are many die-hard Game of Thrones fans who'd do anything for spoilers and it seems that Jimmy Kimmel is one of them. During Tuesday's Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the host pressed his guest Natalie Dormer, who plays Margaery Tyrell, for Season 6 plotlines.

When he asked where she filmed most of her scenes she said mainly Belfast, but also shot in Spain a lot this year. "Is that a bit of a spoiler? Because I think you were in a dungeon the last time we saw you." The quick Dormer replied, "There are dungeons in Spain as well, Jimmy." Oh, she is a pro!

Kimmel also asked if it got a little insane when people were constantly asking if the character Jon Snow is alive and she did admit it got a bit intense, especially at the end of Season 5, but that it wasn't as bad after posters hinting that he may not be dead were released. However, Kimmel wasn't convinced. "Because if you get stabbed that many times you're pretty much dead," Dormer said. "I know I would be," he said.

Kimmel asked if she liked knowing a secret that a lot of the world would love to know, but Dormer actually said she likes to be kept in the dark too. She explained that she watched Season 1 like a fan and then joined the show in the second season, but missed the feeling of watching like a fan so she decided to only read her character's story lines. "So when the show airs I am sitting on the couch watching it like you," she said.

"Well not exactly, I'm in my underwear," he said. "Hey, you need to get to know me better," she said, smiling.

Watch Dormer talk Game of Thrones in the video at top.