Welcome to #ManiMonday, a video series in which we show you how to create original nail art designs from a new pro every month.

By Dianna Mazzone
Jan 02, 2017 @ 10:00 am

We'll spare you the "New Year, New You" bit and just say that we're doing all we can to get 2017 going in the right direction; hence this week's directional design by manicurist Rica Romain.

To get the look, start with clear base before applying two coats of Nails Inc's pale-blush "Mayfair Lane" polish ($15; sephora.com).

Then, using Tom Ford's so-purple-it's-practically-black "Viper" polish ($36; tomford.com), draw a line from the bottom right to middle left of the nail. (Though optional, you might prefer using a striper brush for extra precision.) Next, create a second line starting from the end-point of the first that then extends to the top right of the nail. Add thickness to the lines by repeating the process.

Finish it off with a swipe of top coat, et voilà—your 2017 is already off to the right start.