Babies are wonderful, but they can be a little difficult—especially when it comes to describing their ages. Lake Bell, who became a mother last year to daughter Nova, described her struggle with this Monday during her visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live!

"I don't know if I'm going to do the multiple months thing," she told Kimmel, whose own young daughter, Jane, arrived in 2014.

"Yeah, you are because if you say she's a year and she's really 16 months people think she's a genius, but if you go the other way they're like, 'Oh, something wrong with this kid,'" he said.

Bell agreed and said her daughter is "12 months and a couple days."

"You can go with a year there," Kimmel said to laughs. "Days you can skip. Hours, minutes, etc.,"

"I'm just bad at math," Bell said. "I just got nervous I would have to do that all the time."

The duo also bonded over holding people hostage to look at photos of their offspring and "boring" them with details. Kimmel then pointed out, "We're doing it right now and boring these people," he said referring to the audience. Not true! Watch Bell talk more about her daughter in the video at top.