By Joshua Lyon
Jun 18, 2015 @ 9:00 am

Like any good friend, Mindy Kaling has donned the dreaded bridesmaid dress on numerous occasions, and she’s noticed some universal truths in her experience. “When you’re a bridesmaid at a wedding, although it sounds kind of glamorous when you’re younger, you’re essentially a maid,” she said Wednesday on Late Night with Seth Meyers. “And you know it because you’re wearing a dress that’s the same color as the other maids. Your uniform! And your job is to just like, guide grandparents, and talk to foreigners and seat people who look confused, and find the rings.”

In her eyes, the husband-to-be’s buddies have it much easier. “When you’re a groomsman, you're technically supposed to be helpful but all they do is drink beer and play with the dogs and stuff.”

Kaling notices the same gender disparity when it comes to reception speeches. “I feel like I need to give an incredibly touching speech that’s funny in parts,” she told Meyers. “And all you have to do is say the place you guys went to college and every girl wants to sleep with you.” Click the video above to find out the snarky thing she always overhears people say about her at weddings.