By Marion Fasel
Feb 05, 2014 @ 2:59 pm

It was all about over the top glamour and gigantic gemstones in the gorgeous Gemfields ads featuring Mila Kunis last year. For the new campaign the company that prides itself on responsibly sourced emeralds, rubies, and amethysts from its mines in Zambia has taken a 180-degree turn. Master lensman Peter Lindbergh and stylist Lori Goldstein created images of the gorgeous actress bare faced and jewel-less reflecting the natural beauty of the Gemfields stones. Click to find out more about the campaign and to watch Kunis' exclusive behind-the-scenes video!

Was Kunis afraid to go au naturel? Not a bit. “I thought it was great!” she tells “The flaws and imperfections are what make people interesting and beautiful which is like the character of an emerald. They usually have some sort of mark of natural growth on the inside.”

As brand ambassador, Kunis knows from where she speaks. She has visited the mines and learned some gemology along the way. “Each stone is about 500 million years old and there are a range of colors,” explains Kunis. “The emeralds have a very specific fingerprint in them that you can pinpoint to the exact mine where it came from which is something that makes them so special and different.”

Of course, the actress doesn't only geek out on the science; she also wears jewels set with Gemfields’ stones on the red carpet. I love anything that kind of sparkles or has a little bit of a kick to it,” says Kunis. The kick usually translates into some stunning earrings like the amethyst pendant drops she wore to the Oz the Great and Powerful premiere or the gorgeous emerald studs she sported at the Golden Globes.

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