We called it: 2017 was the year that microblading eyebrows became as commonplace as getting them tweezed, waxed, or otherwise shaped. In fact, it straight up became a worldwide obsession. And now, there’s a new variation to the treatment that is making waves (er, should we say “arches") in the beauty world, and it’s called microfeathering.

What is it? A technician still numbs your arches and uses a micro-fine razor and tattoo pigment to create hair-like wisps just like microblading, but microfeathering is unique in that it involves a lighter touch for a more natural looking brow, using a finer blade. The incisions and hair strokes are much more precise with microfeathering, creating a more customized result for the patient.

Many places are now also starting to offer Botox along with microblading and microfeathering to elevate the brows and create the perfect arch. In the video above, we visit Park Avenue Skin Solutions in TriBeca to see what all the buzz is about. Watch one patient get microfeathering and Botox for a completely new look.