Jimmy Kimmel is a little confused. Or maybe he just has a one-track mind. Either way, he doesn’t understand Michelle Obama’s newest health platform FNV, to encourage people to eat fruits and vegetables.

“Our first lady Michelle Obama is very passionate about getting us to exercise, but we won’t,” the host said on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Thursday. “Now she would like us to eat healthy food. She’s leading a new campaign to encourage young people to do the unthinkable and eat things that grow. ..."

Cut to a typical PSA format, where the two introduce themselves to the camera. "We’d like to talk about a subject near to my heart, encouraging kids to make healthier choices about food,” Obama said. “And I couldn’t be more excited about a new campaign called 'F and V.'”

“As in, ‘Eat your effin vegetables,’” Kimmel said proudly.

The First Lady was quietly horrified. “No, no, Jimmy, it isn’t,” she said and explained that the “V” stands for "vegetables" and started to say what the “F” stood for when Kimmel cut her off. “I’m going to stop you right there because I know what it stands for, I have HBO,” he said. “It’s not OK and this is supposed to be for kids. There shouldn’t be an ‘F’ in it.”

When Obama told him that the “F” stands for “fruit,” he still couldn’t’ grasp the concept. “Eat your fruiting vegetables? Makes no sense at all,” he said. Wisely, she gave up on him. Click the video above to see the whole thing (and watch Kimmel try to score an invitation to stay at the White House's Lincoln Bedroom).