By Kelsey Glein
Nov 06, 2014 @ 2:32 pm

Operation Got Your 6 is a go! First Lady Michelle Obama and the Penguins of Madagascar are teaming up to spread a positive message about our nation's brave and inspiring veterans. The PSA entitled, "Operation Got Your 6," sends the penguins on a top-secret mission in the White House to debunk the myths and show the truth about America's returning service men and women.

Created by DreamWorks Animation in association with Joining Forces as part of Got Your 6—a national campaign devoted to changing the narrative around veterans so that when they return home they are seen as leaders and civic assets—the short film will be shown in classrooms and at assemblies on Veterans Day (Nov. 11) to challenge teachers and educational leaders to start an open dialogue about what it really means to be a veteran.

Watch the fun video above, and learn more about Got Your 6 at