By Joshua Lyon
Jul 14, 2015 @ 9:30 am

Michael Douglas has starred in many action films throughout his career, so it’s a little surprising to realize that Ant-Man is his first true superhero movie. And his sons with wife Catherine Zeta-Jones are thrilled about it! “My kids are 14 and 12,” the actor told Seth Meyers on Late Night Monday. “So there’s a large part of my resume that they have not seen … their mom was the actress and I made pancakes.”

Or so he thought. When he tried to explain to them that he’d in fact done quite a few movies in his time, the older one spilled the beans. “[He was] like, 'I’ve seen Fatal Attraction, I’ve seen Basic Instinct,'" Douglas said. "Once it slipped out, he backtracked very quickly and said ‘Well, maybe I didn’t, I’m not sure.’”

“’I stopped before [Sharon Stone] showed up,’” Meyers imagined Douglas’s son as saying. “‘I just watched your scenes, Dad.’”

While Douglas has good reason to be happy about starring in a family-safe Marvel film, he does have one small gripe about the script. “I adore him,” he said of Ant-Man’s leading man, Paul Rudd. “[But] I go on for these five minute speeches, and Paul would end the scene with a little ‘da da bah’ and get a huge laugh. I’m working my ass off, and he comes in for the killer!” Click the video above to watch the whole interview.