By Joshua Lyon
Aug 06, 2015 @ 9:00 am

Fantastic Four's Michael B. Jordan is headlining a huge superhero film, but it’s his work on beloved shows like Friday Night Lights and The Wire that people are still talking about.

“It’s crazy to be a part of those shows that stood the test of time and meant so much to the fans,” he told Seth Meyers on Late Night Wednesday. “I get ‘Where’s Wallace?’ all the time walking down the street. I’m like, ‘I’m right here! I’m right here!’” (For those unfamiliar, he’s referring to a classic scene from The Wire.)

Friday Night Lights fans are just as, well, fanatic, and often ask him where he thinks high school football star Vince ended up. “He’s definitely OK. I’ll tell them maybe he moved to the NFL, maybe he didn’t,” Jordan said.

Meyers pointed out that he must not ever get the same queries about Wallace. Spoiler alert! “They don’t ask that question because he’s not alive even fictionally," Meyers said. And though about a decade has passed since then, the sting of finding out that his character was getting killed off is still fresh for Jordan.

“I was so young at the time, and by Season 3 I think everybody kind of knew nobody was safe because we were dropping like flies,” he said. "So when we got the script we would literally skim through it just to make sure [our] name is at the end."

“Sure enough, [I] get that knock on [my] trailer from [creator] David Simon and he’s like ‘Mike, look, I love you, everybody on the cast loves you, the fans love you, that’s why we gotta kill you. And I thought my career was over.” Hardly!

Click the video above to hear all about what it was like joining the cast of Fantastic Four.