By Joshua Lyon
Jun 02, 2015 @ 8:15 am

Many of Melissa McCarthy’s best lines from Bridesmaids were improvised, so when the actress appeared on The Tonight Show Monday night, Jimmy Fallon took full advantage of her off-the-cuff humor with a round of Random Picture Word Association. The game involves slapping a button to generate a photograph: “After the picture shows up, we have to yell out the first thing that pops into our heads,” Fallon explained.

McCarthy started and got a headshot of Fabio. “Husband No. 2,” she answered, without hesitation, before shouting out an apology to her real life hubby, actor Ben Falcone.

Fallon landed a picture of a fully loaded pan of Jiffy Pop popcorn, but had a little trouble figuring out what it was. He squinted his eyes for a lengthy moment before settling on “robot Rastafarian.”

Round 3 turned up a blast from the past: Fallon’s awkward high school yearbook picture. “Husband No. 3!” McCarthy cackled as Fallon winced at the memory.

McCarthy commented on how soft and baby fine the hair must have been after Fallon explained, “It took me a year to grow that mustache." Click the video above to see Fallon’s over-the-top reaction to a jar of mayonnaise and both of their thoughts on Rick Perry’s infamous corn dog gaffe.