By Meredith Lepore
Apr 06, 2016 @ 8:45 am

Many families love to watch cooking competition shows together and Melissa McCarthy and her husband Ben Falcone are no exception. The two actors, who star in this month's The Boss (which Falcone directed), are huge fans of the show Chopped and ended up competing against each other in a similar setup on Tuesday's The Late Show.

For the round of "Smooshed," host Stephen Colbert tasked the couple with creating a dish using several required "mystery ingredients" like salted crackers, miniature marshmallows, and bacon bits, as well as whatever the show's crew "could find in the break room fridge." With only a minute on the clock, madness descended as the husband-wife duo rushed to make their food creations. However, McCarthy realized with only 20 seconds left that she hadn't used any of the required ingredients and began mushing them up in a bowl and served the mix on a plate. "I panicked! I honest-to-god panicked!" McCarthy said. "That clock goes so fast!"

Then came time for Colbert to judge the dishes. Falcone actually made a beautiful presentation out of his "bacon-bit marshmallow saltine with just a little bit of pickle for taste" invention. As the crowd energetically cheered, "EAT IT! EAT IT!," Colbert tried a bite. It didn't look like he enjoyed it, but he put on a brave face: "It's both tart and dry at the same time," he said.

McCarthy described her recipe as "a rustic hash [with a] Tuscan influence. I tried to play with crunchy, sweet, savory, and meaty." Although she forgot to use the bacon bits, she did include a protein. "That would be bologna," she said. As for how to consume it, McCarthy suggested using a large soup ladle. Colbert could barely keep the bite down, but he did manage a critique: "You know what? There's a certain 'testicularity' to it. There's a vigor that one does not associate with a hash. The word challenging is so rarely applied," he said. "Thank you," McCarthy said, graciously.

And the winner? It was McCarthy's rustic hash for the win. Sometimes panicking pays off!

Click on the video at top to watch McCarthy and her husband Falcone compete in Smooshed.