By Alexis Bennett
Nov 20, 2015 @ 2:30 pm

Melissa McCarthy is back—a new hairdo—for the upcoming comedy The Boss. In the film, the funny actress plays Michelle Darnell, who just so happens to be the "wealthiest woman in America," as she explains to a crowd in the first trailer.

But just how much money does she have? Rather than simply walking onto a stage, Darnell can make an entrance by riding a golden phoenix if she chooses to (and, of course, she does).

Unfortunately, her empire crashes to the ground after she's arrested for insider trading and is forced to declare bankruptcy. Being a natural born go-getter, she is inspired to reclaim her glory days by selling brownies with a troop of energetic girls. Darnell's Darlings have a lot to learn about business, but the outspoken woman does her best to guide them as their boss (and with a little help from Kristen Bell's character).

Watch the laugh-out-loud scenes in the trailer at top, and see the entire film when The Boss enters theaters April 8, 2016.