By InStyle Staff
Feb 24, 2014 @ 9:00 am

From the days of Cleopatra, eyeliner has gone through its fair share of trends—from the iconic cat eye, the smokey grunge look, to a winged eye—and this season it's all about the liner effect seen in Marc Jacobs' spring/summer runway show. Today, eyeliner is all about straight lines and a precise look in unexpected colors and shapes (rimmed halfway along the lower lash line) and InStyle‘s Beauty Director Kahlana Barfield gives you exclusive tips on how you can achieve this new rocker look!

"If your hand tends to shake, hold your eyelid taut so that the skin is firm and it's not wobbly. It's easier to draw a straight line with an eyeliner pencil," suggests Barfield in the video above. "The key to drawling a precise line is really about making sure your pencil is very sharp, so sharpen it before you apply it and that way you get this really clean, thin line," she adds. Get more details by watching the full video clip, plus shop some of Barfield's suggested eyeliner pens—including Marc Jacobs' Highliner gel crayon ($25) and Urban Decay's Glide-On eye pencil ($19)—just by clicking over to

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