By Joshua Lyon
Jun 18, 2015 @ 7:45 am

Mark Ruffalo should definitely stick to the Avengers franchise. He appeared on The Tonight Show Wednesday to talk about leaving the Oscars immediately after he lost out in the best supporting actor category for Foxcatcher, and ended up proving that he probably won't be on the short list to replace Daniel Craig as the next James Bond anytime soon.

“I was only [at the Oscars] for 15 minutes, because I had to work the next day in London,” the Infinitely Polar Bear actor told host Jimmy Fallon. “As soon as I lost they whisked me away. Literally, someone came and grabbed me and said ‘OK, it’s time to go Mr. Ruffalo.’”

But that wasn’t the end of the humiliation. “I was in the car, and I got a text saying, ‘Make sure to take off your tuxedo and leave it in the car so they can return it tomorrow morning.’ So I had to change out of my tux heading to the airport.”

Fallon disagreed. “I think it sounds cool,” he said. "You should be the next James Bond! Changing tuxedos, jumping on a plane, going to London.”

That’s when things got weird. Ruffalo leapt up out of his seat as soon as The Roots started playing a tune reminiscent of the iconic Bond theme, but instead of pulling some secret agent-like moves, he began playing the air guitar—until the host made him stop. “That’s not what James Bond is at all!” Fallon said. “He doesn’t play in a band! He’s a spy!” Click the video above to watch Ruffalo eventually get it right.