What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas—unless it’s iPhone footage of Mariah Carey swimming with a dolphin! The singer recently took a break from her residency at Caesars Palace in Sin City to splash around with a new aquatic pal.

“The trainer said, 'I’m just going to let him see if he’ll play with you and do whatever without bribing him',” Carey said on Monday during a visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live!  “And this is what he did, because I love dolphins so much they can sense it! Look, we’re having a little swim, and he comes over and kind of starts nuzzling me and kissing me and it was the nicest thing ever in my whole entire life.”

“The dolphin is going in for third base,” Kimmel observed. “Imagine the high notes if you had a baby with a dolphin!”

“Anything is possible,” Carey quipped.

Click the video above to watch the footage, and then watch her career-spanning performance of "Vision of Love" and "Infinity":