By Joshua Lyon
Jun 24, 2015 @ 9:30 am

Long before Matt Bomer lit up the stage in the Magic Mike movies, he was causing all sorts of trouble over at the soap opera Guiding Light.

“I was there just over a year,” he told Seth Meyers on Late Night Tuesday. “I told them to just throw the kitchen sink at me, and they did.” Are you ready for his character's full storyline?

“I was a trust fund baby who bet my fraternity brothers that I could be the first to deflower the town virgin,” Bomer said. “I fell in love with her but she found out about the bet and dumped me. I met a new girlfriend, lost my trust fund, and was embarrassed to tell her so I became a male prostitute … my girlfriend found out … dumped me, of course, and then I went crazy, killed five people. Kidnapped her to a remote cabin in the woods, confessed to her that I’d been molested by my middle school teacher, and then committed suicide in front of her, her father, and her new boyfriend.”

It's quite a plot—but the best part? The door is still open for the Magic Mike​ XXL star's return. “The writers came up to me at the end of it,” he said. “They go, ‘Listen, if you ever want to come back, we’ve got it figured out.’” Fingers crossed! Click the video above to hear about his unusual acting exercises with Joe Manganiello and how singing helped him strip in the Magic Mike movies.