By Meredith Lepore
Mar 15, 2016 @ 9:00 am

It's hard to imagine anyone ever standing Lupita Nyong'o up for a date, but alas there was one man who did. And of all events, he stood her up for her first prom when she was a teenager in Kenya. InStyle's April cover girl told this to Seth Meyers on The Late Show Monday night.

"Well there was this guy in my neighborhood that I thought was so cute. I gathered up the guts to ask him to prom. I didn't talk to him much but I asked him to prom!" said Nyong'o, who is currently starring in the Broadway play Eclipsed. "OK, so you're making a case for why this was a little weird," said Meyers. "Exactly, I should have picked better!" she said. He did agree to go, though, so she told him the red-and-yellow color scheme of her dress, which she designed herself. "This is getting sadder, just so you know," added Meyers. Clearly her bold fashion taste at such a young age was too intimidating for the guy.

He did stand her up at the prom, which was especially tough as she was on the prom committee. However, Meyers managed to find the bright side. "I do think if there is a lesson out there to any young girls, it's not red and yellow," he joked. "Try to stay away from red and yellow." Well, that is a good tip, but perhaps another lesson to take away is that even girls who get stood up at prom can grow up to be amazing actresses who win Oscars and star on Broadway!

Watch Nyong'o talk about getting stood up for her prom in the video clip above.