By Jane Asher
Mar 15, 2017 @ 3:00 pm

Get excited, Love Actually fans! The first teaser for the movie's Red Nose Day special is finally here, along with the official name of the special: "Red Nose Day Actually." And who better to kick off the excitement than Andrew Lincoln and his famous cue cards. Say it's carolers...

Lincoln gives his best, "I'm in love with you but I know we can't be together" look in the video, flashing cue cards explaining the special, and announcing its UK air date: March 24, on BBC One. The special will air in America on May 25, on NBC as part of the US's Red Nose Day celebration.

Somehow, though, we just can't shake the Rick Grimes-vibes off of Lincoln, and to be honest, we were kind of expecting a zombie to come up and attack from behind. He's just that convincing in The Walking Dead.

Regardless, we're so glad to see the Brit (with a very good mock Southern American accent) back in his Love Actually element, and even more excited for the special to premiere! Until then, we're hoping for a few more amazing teasers like this one.