Downtown Abbey star Lily James visited The Late Show on Monday night, where she told host David Letterman, "I very rarely get recognized." Sorry, but with the upcoming release of Cinderella, those days are about to end very soon.

Of course, every now and then the actress is faced with her fame, including a particular incident she had on a boat in Vietnam. James said that she and a fellow actor friend didn't tell the other passengers that were actors to avoid any "awkward conversation" over the two-day trip. In fact, James told everyone she worked in a cake shop ("Which I'd secretly like to do," she admitted) rather than spill the beans of her true identity. Unfortunately for James, she let it slip that she's on Downton Abbey and "from then on, it was chaos." Again, just wait until the masses find out she's Cinderella!

Watch Lily James talk to David Letterman about Downton Abbey recognition (or lack thereof) by clicking on the video above.