By Jonathan Borge
Jul 14, 2016 @ 4:45 pm

Who wouldn’t want to mirror Rihanna’s endless cool? We definitely do, which is why we’re ogling over her namesake sunglasses for Dior, which immediately add a futuristic punch to any ensemble.

And while images from the beauty’s campaign made us want to shop for the accessory, it’s the exclusive behind-the-scenes video above that’s making us fall in love all over again. Across the minute-long clip, the “Work” singer discusses what it was like to pose for the cameras and where she turned to for inspiration. “I really wanted to do something fun,” she says, explaining how she hoped to honor the classic Dior lady while offering a modern edge. “They were able to execute exactly what I wanted and I can’t wait for everybody else to have these.”

The sunglasses, which are available now at Dior stores, retail for a pricey $840 and come in an array of colors that include silver, blue, red, green, pink. If you’re looking to spend a pretty penny, there's also a gold-plated 24-version for $1,950.

Watch the exclusive behind-the-scenes video above and prepare to want these sunnies, stat.