By Meredith Lepore
Oct 09, 2015 @ 8:30 am

Lena Dunham has a deep appreciation and love for Shonda Rhimes, but the Scandal creator strikes fear into her heart like no other.

When the Girls star stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! Thursday, Dunham shared how she ended up with a very memorable role on the previous season of Scandal (her favorite show). Dunham said she had offered herself up many times to Rhimes until "finally there was something that was appropriate for me—which was this role of a whore who gets murdered." But she says Rhimes sold it to her a little differently. "I think Shonda was like, 'We have a humorous and sexually free young woman with a long monologue—would you like to come and join us?'" But it seems as though Dunham would have taken any role as she had already made a point of "rearranging everything in [her] life to accommodate it."

An even though the episode already aired last season, Dunham started to worry that she had said too much. "By the way, I'm literally more afraid of speaking words that Shonda had not permitted me to speak than I would be if Barack Obama shared a secret with me." Kimmel reminded her that she had no need to fret since there was zero chance of her returning to the ABC series after her character's gruesome murder.

Dunham also revealed that she watched the episode with her mother (Dad found the episode too troubling to watch), who "screamed her head off" during it. Watch her share the full viewing experience in the above video.