By Kim Peiffer
Aug 19, 2015 @ 11:00 am

Lauren Conrad is making her runway debut next month with a limited-edition LC Lauren Conrad Runway capsule collection from her Kohl's line that she'll show during New York Fashion Week.

InStyle chatted with the star this week about how she's prepping for the show, and what we can expect to hit the catwalk. Watch the exclusive clip above to see Conrad’s inspiration for her line, and read the full interview below to learn what she’s most excited about and how she’ll stay fueled during her crazy week.

Talk about this new collection.
We wanted this to feel like an elevated version of the LC Lauren Conrad line. It was really fun—we were able to take risks that we wouldn’t normally take. It’s basically a runway version of the line, a lot more special occasion pieces—pieces that we wouldn’t typically put in the line.

What kind of pieces?
Like a crop top, some ball skirts, this amazing faux suede jacket. It will be a little more fashion forward.

In the video above, we get a look inside how it all came together. Where did the inspiration come from?
There’s a few different inspirations in a few different categories. There’s a folk-inspired portion with lots of embroidery, lots of white, then it goes into a little more luxe and romantic, where there’s almost a whimsy woodland feel to it. It winds down with more of a vintage glitzy vibe, so three different deliveries in all.

Give us some inside scoop on what the show will be like.
This has been so much fun to work on. We found a really great space and we’re looking to completely transform it. There’s definitely woodland-inspired elements, but it will also be very polished. Throughout the space, there are lots of different details where rustic meets glamour.

How did you narrow down the final pieces you’ll be showcasing?
We’ve been working on runway for along time. We start with an overall concept, this collection looks nothing like our original concept. We brought in a lot of vintage pieces. It was also looking at trends, what’s our take on them. It's been quite awhile that we’ve been working on it—about eight months. That’s why I am so excited to see it all finally come together!

Tell us the coolest part of getting to show at Fashion Week.
First of all to be a part of New York Fashion Week is such a big deal. It’s so cool to watch it come together. You just get to be so creative—it's really fun to work on everything from the actual line, from the styling of the pieces right down to the hair and makeup on each girl.

What are your Fashion Week essentials?
Definitely comfortable shoes to change into after the shows. Anything flat—I don’t care. I’ll usually choose a cute pair of flats to throw in my bag, probably something neutral. Then I bring snacks, I make sure I stay hydrated, and then, of course, there’s trying to get as much sleep as you possibly can!

You decided to stream the show live online and offer the collection for sale immediately. Very exciting. Why?
We wanted everyone to have a front-row seat to this show. We wanted everyone to be able to see it. As for being able to buy it, so many times I’ve been watching a runway and have wanted to buy clothes right away, but then you have to wait four to six months. With this collection you’ll be able to purchase the items instantly after the show, no waiting required!

Watch Lauren Conrad’s New York Fashion Week show live at on Sept. 9 at 7 p.m. ET.