It's been a busy week for the cast of Orange Is the New Black: Season 3 premiered last Friday, and shooting for Season 4 began yesterday! Laura Prepon took some time out of her hectic schedule on Monday in order talk to Seth Meyers about the cast's life on and off the set.

"We have this hallway ...where [after] doing this really intense scene and we'll come off the set and music's playing, everyone's dancing in the hallway, lots of dogs running up and down—it's so fun!" she told the Late Night host.

The cast hangs out away from the set too. "We do things, like, over the weekend we had a big potluck at Uzo's," Prepon said, referring to Uzo Aduba, who plays Suzanne "Crazy Eyes" Warren on the show. "We all got together at her place and there were like twenty of us there ... we all cooked."

There are plenty of OITNB fans who would have done anything to score an invite to that party, as evidenced by the tattoos of Prepon's character Alex Vause that some people are getting tattooed on their body. "Whatever that leg does for the rest of its life, you're going along for the ride," Meyers said after showing a photo of one person's sexy ink. Click the video above to check the tats out for yourself.

Watch a trailer for OITNB Season 3 here: