By Jennifer Davis
Oct 22, 2015 @ 1:00 pm

Thanks to Kylie Jenner's app, we've already had the chance to tour her spacious bathroom, bedroom, and glam room, and now she's showing off her impressive closets. As you can imagine, they're pretty luxe—especially the gorgeous area where she displays her countless pairs of shoes.

“This is like my favorite room ever,” Kylie says as she walks into the closet, which is lined with gorgeous curved shelves. "This was never a shoe closet before. I added all these shelves. It’s pretty much every girl’s dream. I always wanted a shoe closet."

Each row is filled with dazzling heels in every style and shade, and while she clearly has more shoes than most people can even envision, she admits that her assistant urged her to purge the pairs she no longer wore. “My assistant says that I’m a hoarder, so I got rid a bunch of my shoes." You'd never know.

Watch her show off her shoe closet above and for the rest of her closet tour, go to