After retiring from professional basketball earlier this month (with an incredible 60-point game, no less), Kobe Bryant has some newfound free time and he decided to spend a little of it with Ellen DeGeneres. The star athlete sat down with the talk show host for his first post-retirement interview, and she convinced him to pull a hilarious hidden camera prank.

In the clip, Bryant pretends to have a profuse sweating problem and meets with a doctor to discuss his issues. With DeGeneres in his ear, he dutifully repeats every ridiculous thing she says, no questions asked.

The athlete is instructed to pull out a mason jar of “perspiration” from “just the first quarter” of his last game, sing a made-up song that he claims his teammates use to mock him (“Sweaty Kobe, okey-dokey”), list off his many embarrassing nicknames (“Sweat Midler” takes the cake), and perform a silly dance.

While he’s no Adele, the prank is hilarious nonetheless. Watch the full video above for the first look at post-retirement Bryant—we have a feeling more entertaining interviews are sure to come.