By Jennifer Davis
Jan 05, 2016 @ 3:15 pm

Last year Kirstie Alley made the resolution to lose weight with Jenny Craig, and she succeeded in a big way. The actress lost 50 pounds on the program, and now she's celebrating achieving her goals with some longtime friends who never forget her name. 

Alley's Cheers co-stars John Ratzenberger and George Wendt, who played Cliff and Norm respectively, joined her for a commercial for the diet program that brings us all back to the classic Boston bar's heyday. "When they asked me to do the commercial, I had a lot of consideration that it was an iconic show—I didn't want to walk onto some set that looks artificial," Alley tells People. The set definitely exceeded Alley's expectations. "Honestly, when I walked it was a little bit like The Twilight Zone because it was an exact duplicate." 

In the commercial, Alley makes a spectacular entrance, whipping off her red coat to reveal a sexy black dress that shows off her svelte figure. She gets right back into the swing of her bartending duties, pouring a beer for her pals all while she praises the diet program. Watch the hilarious commercial above.