By Joshua Lyon
May 01, 2015 @ 8:45 am

Bruce Jenner has been widely lauded after bravely coming out as transgender, and Kim Kardashian stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night to provide an update on how the Olympic star's life has changed since Diane Sawyer's historic interview last week.

"Bruce is doing really well," Kardashian told Kimmel. "He is so happy ... I think it’s a sense of relief from all of the amazing support that he has felt. It’s a really brave thing to come out [and] be so truthful."

However, Kardashian did express one concern she had about her stepfather's transition. "The only thing is, whatever you do, do not steal my glam team. They are mine!" she said she told Jenner.

All kidding aside, the selfie queen is ready to provide all the assistance she can. "I said, 'Whatever help you need—you have to look and feel your best. And if you need help with anything style-wise, glam-wise, I’m here to help you.'" 

Hear the full update by clicking on the video above.