By Kelsey Glein
Jun 13, 2014 @ 2:43 pm

Fabulous mother-daughter duo Sharon and Kelly Osbourne just launched an exclusive makeup collaboration with MAC that pays tribute to their signature bold style. Made up of statement-making hues, the collection contains a variety of brilliant eyeshadow pairings, lip colors, highlighters, and more.

InStyle's Karen Levy sat down with Osbourne for an exclusive interview where she dished on her MAC collection, beauty philosophy, and now-signature lilac locks. "I love a bright lip, always," Osbourne tells InStyle. "I'm a strong believer that you can either have a strong eye and a light lip, or a strong lip and a light eye." She created her collection with this is mind, which features fearlessly vibrant shades like bright pink, orange, and light lavender. "When I was doing to collection I was very conscious about including certain colors, but also making sure that there are colors that look good on everyone because I wasn't designing a collection for myself."

The star was excited to work with her mother on the line, as makeup is a passion they both share. "I'm very grateful to my mother because she allowed me to experiment, she allowed me to figure out who I was on my own without someone telling me," Osbourne says. One thing she has discovered about being herself? "I know this sounds insane, but when I first dyed my hair and looked at myself in the mirror I finally felt like me. I'll never be one of those girls that likes a natural tone. It just doesn't feel right, it makes me feel naked," she says. "It has become a part of me."

Watch the video above to see our exclusive interview with the star, and shop the full Sharon & Kelly Osbourne makeup collection now in MAC stores and on