By Jennifer Davis
May 12, 2016 @ 11:30 am

Keith Urban was initiated into the hilarity of Throwback Thursday when he stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show on, you guessed it, Thursday. The country crooner, who had never heard of the phenomenon that is #TBT, quickly learned when DeGeneres flashed a pretty hysterical older photo of the star.

Urban is almost completely unrecognizable in the black-and-white photo the host shared. In the "retro" snap as Urban called it, the "Break on Me" singer rocks a mullet and a button-down tee that features some very interesting embroidery. "Wow, I hadn't met a lot of dentists by this stage," he joked. To which DeGeneres replied, "Well, look at you now." Indeed, Urban is more handsome than ever and married to the gorgeous Nicole Kidman.

In fact, the very in love couple is celebrating a milestone in their relationship: 10 years of marriage! The only hiccup is that he'll be performing that night, but Kidman to the rescue. "The tour was laid out and I said, 'You know I can't work on our anniversary,'" Urban explained to DeGeneres. "Nic said, 'What if I come up to Boston and we'll celebrate it together?' And I said, 'Fantastic.'"

Watch the clip above to listen to hear him chat more about his swoon-worthy realtionship with Kidman.